About Me

new mamaI came by natural birth honestly- my mom had unmedicated births and three of those were out-of-hospital births with midwives. When I was younger, I would retell mom’s birth stories as if she was crazy and honestly thought I would never be “strong enough” to have a baby without an epidural or “crazy enough” to do it outside of a hospital. But as my friends and family started to have babies, my eyes were opened to the downfalls of the modern medical model of care. I saw women who were confused about what happened to them during their pregnancy and births or who felt uninvolved in the deliveries of their babies.  I was newly wed to my husband, Trevor, and we had no immediate plans to start a family, but my passion for birth was sparked and I began to research natural birth. I started pouring over birth stories and stumbled across a site for a midwife in Katy, TX. Each of the stories written by her clients were so empowering, so peaceful, so inspiring! I lived in Fort Worth, TX at the time and thought I would never be able to work with the midwife I had come to admire from afar, but wished to find someone like her when I was ready. Lo and behold, two years later my husband accepted a job out of town. Where? In Katy, TX. And we were shocked when we found out we were already pregnant when we moved there. So my birth wish came true. We met with this lovely midwife and she opened my eyes to a whole world of knowledge. I prayed that the Lord would bless my birth and promised that I would use my experience to help other mamas. You can read my son’s birth story here. On 12/15/2011, I was forever changed. I was overwhelmed by love for my baby, by a new and deeper love for my husband and a by a greater love and understanding of the Lord. Motherhood fulfilled me in so many ways, and I knew then I wanted to find a way to help other mamas navigate their way into this incredible phase of life. A few months after he was born, as I was nursing my baby and reading a popular birth blog, I read about Birth Boot Camp and knew I wanted to become an instructor. I was certified in April of 2013 and have loved working with couples and seeing them grow together through pregnancy and birth. My loved ones’ birth experiences inspired me to pursue natural birth, and my son’s birth inspired me to learn and teach about it. Hence, the name of my blog, “Inspired by Births.”

I now live in Euless, TX and teach at the Grapevine Birthing Center where both of my daughters were born.

IMG_8609I am Trevor’s wife and best friend, a holistic health and wellness enthusiast, a wannabe world traveler without the funds to travel, experienced breastfeeder and cloth diaperer. Above all, I am a faithful Christian woman. The most important birth to have ever impacted my life is the birth of Jesus Christ. I believe God created women with the incredible task of birthing children in mind and His plans are always above our own. I do not believe there is only one right way to give birth, but I do believe all women should be respected, included and supported during birth and that the more knowledge she has about her options, the more likely she will be empowered by her birth experience. The way we view this responsibility and the way we are made to feel during labor have lasting impacts on our lives and our identity as mothers. Birth matters! I want to help couples gain the knowledge they need to grow closer together from their birth experiences and to look back on those life-changing moments with confidence. I am so excited to bring natural birth classes to the Dallas/Fort Worth area families and to meet new expectant couples. I love birth stories and I can’t wait to hear yours!

I am a freelance writer for Mothering.com and have been published in Holistic Parenting Magazine. You can also find me on Instagram @inspiredbybirths.