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“Birth Is No Big Deal!” “Birth Is a Big Deal!”

by Julia West on February 7, 2014

“Birth is a BIG deal!” “Birth is NO big deal!” Sometimes I hear myself saying these two seemingly contradicting statements. So how can I say birth is not a big deal, when I believe couples should spend weeks preparing and learning about it? When birth is no big deal: I know some people are very […]


Incredible Unplanned Homebirth- Elissa’s Birth Story

by Julia West on January 16, 2014

This the incredible birth story of one of my sweet mama friends. Her excitement is contagious and I asked her to please let me share her story! Her body definitely knew how to birth her baby!! I’m so thankful she agreed and hope many mamas share in her birth high! 🙂 Here is her story […]


Lessons From a 2 Year Old

by Julia West on December 13, 2013

This Sunday marks a milestone: Two years ago my son was born. For two years, I have been holding, feeding, rocking, photographing, chasing and carrying him. I have been singing, praying, reading, planning and talking with him. And while I’ve been doing all of that, I’ve been learning. This newborn/infant/toddler/boy has been teaching me every […]


1 Mama, 3 VBACs, nearly 30 years ago!

by Julia West on December 12, 2013

You know that feeling when you meet someone and within minutes, you feel like you’re old friends? Someone who is obviously warm, caring and who shares a lot in common with you. That’s how I felt when I met Lisa. She has daughters my age, but she became my instant friend. The more I talk […]


Birth Wishes and Birth Goals

by Julia West on October 31, 2013

The other night a dear friend of mine was telling me about something she learned from her birth class. She said the instructor asked the students to write down several of their “birth wishes” on separate pieces of paper.  She wanted them to write really specific circumstances that would be ideal. I imagine that the […]


“There is No Medal for Going Natural”

by Julia West on October 18, 2013

Birth is such a personal subject. Talking about birth can evoke a broad spectrum of strong emotions in any group of women because no mother wants to feel judged or ashamed of her birth choices or the outcomes. But when a group begins to share birth stories or plans, it becomes obvious experiences vary greatly. […]


Being Pregnant is Like Being Engaged

by Julia West on October 10, 2013

Lately a steady stream of wedding invitations has flooded our mailbox. I can’t help but smile when I open the cards and see sweet photos of engaged couples so excited and in love. (Shout out to my baby sis getting married this week!) The time that couples are engaged is so unique- nearly every day […]


Midwifery Myths

by Julia West on September 20, 2013

I saw this Huffington Post article posted several times on Facebook this week. I was initially excited to see that the word about the benefits of midwifery care is being spread through such a well known site. But after I read it, I realized there is so much of the story that is missing! The […]


3 Things My Midwife Told Me That I Will Never Forget

by Julia West on September 13, 2013

If you’ve read Canaan’s birth story, you know that I believe God helped me find my midwife. After my sister’s first baby was born, I started researching the midwifery model of care. I lived in Fort Worth at the time and I remember I Googled “Christian midwives in Texas,” and Cathy’s website was on the […]


What Breastfeeding Means

by Julia West on September 5, 2013

Breastfeeding often comes up in conversations among my mama friends and the topic is usually drenched in emotion. Some moms associate it with feelings of bonding and peace, while for others it conjures up memories of struggling and disappointment. Many moms feel a mixture of these emotions and have experienced ups and downs with nursing. […]