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by Julia West on June 6, 2013

When woman was created, she was given several specific attributes to equip her for the special task of motherhood. Genesis says that she was given to Adam as a “help meet” which means, “a life-giver beside him.” (1) What an incredible assignment! Though man was designed to be the strong protector, the woman was given the incredible responsibility to carry and birth children. Here are some of the “marks of motherhood” found in the female anatomy:

Her spine: Our spines adapt to curve when we are pregnant, so that we do not fall forward from the excess frontal weight. (2)

Her pelvis: The pelvis bones in a woman’s body are rounder, shorter and more shallow than a man’s, to assist with the birthing process. (3)

Her mind: Women have more nerve endings in the brain and therefore tend to use both sides of the brain more evenly, making women better able to comprehend a wider variety of emotions. Women are, in general, more creative, intuitive and nurturing. (2)

Her hips: The female hip “juts out,” to make a natural seat for carrying babies. (3)

Her arms: The humerus (upper arm bone) is, on average, 1 inch longer on women than men. Their shorter upper arms make it easier for men to lift heavy objects, while women’s longer upper arms make it easier to hold and suckle babies. Also, men’s arms have a straight carrying angle at the elbow, while the female arm forms a bent carrying angle. This explains why mom can carry babies all day, but dad tends to tire more easily with a little one in his arms! (3)

The uterus: As Ina May Gaskin said, if men had an organ like the uterus, they would brag about it. The many ways that it functions and adapts during and after pregnancy are incredible!

Her REM cycles: After giving birth, a woman’s REM cycle tends to shorten, so she wakes often to tend to baby’s needs. You may notice dad sleeps more easily through baby’s night time cries. (4)

Birth Hormones: At the moment a woman gives birth, her body is flooded with a “love cocktail” of hormones, including oxytocin. This promotes bonding and security and has the same effect on the brain as an addiction- she is instantly addicted to her baby! The first time I heard that it gave me goosebumps- I love it!

Any woman who doubts her ability should be able to look in a mirror and be confident. She was made with the physical and emotional tools to take on the honor of motherhood!


1 Christian Childbirth Handbook by Vanderlaan

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