“What makes Birth Boot Camp different from other natural childbirth methods?”

This curriculum is largely based on the Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative and specifically emphasizes the importance of parents being involved and respected throughout pregnancy and birth, whatever their maternity care choices. It is designed for couples, teaching them how to work as a team in labor and is equally geared toward dads and moms. Dads will learn how to support mothers during pregnancy, labor and even breastfeeding! Birth Boot Camp focuses on upright birth, teaching mothers how to use movement to speed the birth process. We discuss specific questions to ask your care provider and reinforce each week to the principles to creating a supportive birth environment.

“Why should I take a birth class?”

In many cultures, women are raised to view childbirth as a normal, natural process, often observing births of family members. Unfortunately, our society has portrayed birth to be a fearful and chaotic experience. Knowledge is the key to overcoming those obstacles and having an accurate perspective of birth. Couples have a right to be fully informed about their options for care providers, birth place, interventions and the atmosphere for their first moments with their new baby. The more you know, the more you can be involved with each of these decisions. Birth Boot Camp can give you the education you need to be confident in your choices.

“What if I cannot attend one of the class nights?”

Please let me know your schedule conflicts. It is possible we could arrange to meet for a private make-up class or, depending on class size, move the class night to accommodate your schedule.

“Why should I take a birth class?”

Please see my Class Schedule page for a list of current classes and fees.