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Maydin’s Birth Story

by Julia West on January 14, 2015

I wondered when I would get a chance to write another birth story and how it would go… I am so thankful this is it.

This pregnancy came at such a perfect time. We had moved from Austin to DFW, Trevor had started his job at UTA and his health was on the upswing. We were hoping for another baby, but I was still nursing Canaan and had no cycle for 25 months (yes, TWENTY-FIVE.) Then I had three cycles and the signs of pregnancy began to appear. The first was intense pain while nursing, the second was the familiar aversion to food. Pretty much all food, even things I usually loved. A positive test in April confirmed our suspicions and we were thrilled!!

I started looking for midwives to interview in the area. I went to a few birth centers, one of the first was the Grapevine Birthing Center. When I called, Kim answered the phone and agreed to meet with me. Grapevine is such a cozy little city, somehow tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the metroplex. And the birth center is a beautifully remodeled home right off of Main Street- basically, it had me at “hello.” Visiting with Kim was like visiting with an old friend. She is also a certified Birth Boot Camp instructor, so we had lots in common. She called a few days later to ask if I would be interested in teaching classes at the birth center, which was an answered prayer! Not only had a found my care provider and my birth place, but I also had a way to start teaching again. Fist pump!


who wouldn’t want to have a baby here??


All of my appointments and tests went well. I always looked forward to seeing Kim and visiting about birth and getting to know each other. Trevor and I decided to only have one ultrasound, around 22 weeks and we wanted to know the gender. But at the ultrasound, the baby’s feet were tucked up under the bottom and we could not see! We went back two days later to try again, but the baby was in the same position! We took that as a sign that this baby wanted to be a surprise. I also decided that I did not want to know my due date. Trevor and Kim both knew some guess dates, but I did not want to have a “deadline” in my head. During my first pregnancy, I was really emotional about going past my due date- I did not want that pressure this time! I just knew to expect a baby sometime between Thanksgiving and New Years.

The months flew by. I was busy working my part-time job from home, teaching classes and house hunting. We finally found our home in September and moved in early October. The house prompted lots of projects, plus I was still working, taking care of my busy 2 year old and started teaching two classes simultaneously- AHH! It was all so fun, and exhausting. I met so many lovely couples and loved having the opportunity to talk about birth so often- plus they all held me accountable to practice what I was preaching! I tried to make sure I was eating well. Even though there was not much that I enjoyed eating, I avoided excess sugar and white flour, and focused on feeding my body and baby some good protein and fresh foods every day. I made sure I kept up with exercising, at the least keeping up with my squats and staying active! I also was adjusted by a chiropractor, Dr. Tara, at least once a week for half of my pregnancy. And I had an incredible prenatal massage by Dani, as well. I felt really good and strong throughout this pregnancy. Maybe also because I often carry/lift/hold a 30 pound boy??

yes, you can wear a sleeping 30 lb toddler while pregnant!

yes, you can wear a sleeping 30 lb toddler while pregnant!


Kim and I discussed my prayer life at several appointments. She really encouraged me to go to God with my heart’s desires for this birth. My prayers changed to include more specific praise, gratitude and requests. I asked that labor start when I was well rested, when Trevor was home, that our baby would be healthy, that my bleeding would be minimal, that I would get to experience a joyful birth and that I would encourage others through the experience. I am so thankful Kim challenged me to believe God wanted me to go to Him with my hopes and to do so confidently.

IMG_8291IMG_8247 IMG_8099 IMG_8163 IMG_8266IMG_8306

When I was pregnant with Canaan, I had no Braxton Hicks contractions until the day I went into labor. This time, they started in October. But early December, I was feeling them daily. At my appointment on December 9th, I had gained right at 20 lbs, but I knew I could possibly be pregnant for three more weeks and wanted to stay on track. Kim mentioned she thought I may have the baby in the next few days and for some reason, I really started to believe it! The next week I had consistent contractions every night and I got adjusted by Dr. Tara three times.

On Sunday, the 14th, after a solid night of sleep, I woke up and immediately began to feel actual contractions. Just like with Canaan, I felt them mostly in my back and down my legs. I got ready for bible class and let Trevor know I was feeling real labor, but that we could go to church services and come home early if we needed to. I kept thinking about couple of mama friends due around the same time who had experienced weeks of prodromal labor- I wanted to make sure this would continue to progress. I had planned to text several friends when my labor started so they could share my excitement, but I still was not convinced this was definitely “the day.” My parents were here to help with Canaan, so we all went to church together. Trevor and I timed contractions through the service and they were 6-8 minutes apart, lasting around 40 seconds. I texted Kim and let her know my progress and was really hoping to have a baby in our arms by that afternoon. But when we came home for lunch, the contractions started to spread out. I think I was distracted by Canaan and my parents and holding regular conversation. Trevor and I took a walk, then we took a nap. I was able to sleep for an hour and only felt a couple of contractions during the whole time. I was so confused! And discouraged. Canaan’s labor was very textbook- never stalled and moved at a steady pace. This was different. So, I asked my parents to take Canaan and leave Trevor and I to labor alone around 5:30. We turned down the lights, turned on our music and I sat on the floor while Trevor rubbed my back. I even ate a cookie- a rare treat during my pregnancy. Those moments were actually very picturesque, especially with the Christmas tree lights twinkling in the background. We prayed together and I asked God to send our baby soon. Almost immediately, the contractions were back into a regular pattern, about 6 minutes apart. I was still feeling them almost constantly in my back, so it was difficult to tell when a contraction ended. After about an hour, they jumped to 3 minutes apart! I was staying in touch with Kim and wanted to wait to make sure they would stay that close together before I came in. By 7:00, I had a couple of contractions closer to 1 minute apart, so we decided to head to the birth center. I finally texted a few people, but was already lost in labor land and didn’t text as many as I meant to!

During the thirty minute car ride, I only had three contractions. They were spacing out again. Ugh! What was going on? I thought briefly about the possibility of getting to the birth center, labor stopping and us going home without a baby. That was not how I wanted the night to end! I kept thinking, “I am supposed to know this. Shouldn’t I be able to tell if this is real labor?!” I was definitely mentally lost in labor land. To add to the pressure, Canaan’s 3rd birthday was the next day. I was really hoping they would each have their own special day!

We arrived at the birth center around 7:30 and Kim was waiting for us with a smile on her face. I was immediately at ease, happy to see her and happy to be in our birthing space. I told her how my contractions were irregular and she just sweetly said, “That’s okay. No rush.” In no time, my contractions intensified. They started coming a minute apart, then double peaking. Kim offered to check me, but I declined. (I ended up not needing any vaginal exams this time!) The other midwife, Danielle, arrived within a few minutes. We were able to visit for a few minutes between contractions and even laughed and smiled together. She had worked closely with my first midwife from Canaan’s birth, so we connected instantly. Danielle also offered to take photos for us and I am so glad she did!! I mostly walked around to labor, paused and leaned on Trevor or Kim during contractions and they rubbed my back. I was humming and breathing through contractions, but almost every time Trevor reminded me to make lower, deeper sounds and that was so helpful. I was ready to get in the tub sooner than I expected- probably around 8:30. Before I got in, the four of us prayed together. We prayed that labor would go smoothly and that the baby would come before midnight. During the prayer, I had a very intense contraction that made a couple of tears roll down my cheek. But I continued to pray that my labor would progress and welcomed the intensity.

IMG_8315 IMG_8321

When I got in the water, the sensation in my legs was immediately eased, but I could not find a really comfortable position. Trevor stayed with me and rubbed my back, reminded me to breath and encouraged me. He and the midwives gave me constant encouragement and told me I sounded great and was handling things so well. The lights were low, my birth team was calm, our labor music was playing in the background. (Kim said later that I was breathing the baby down at this point, but I did not realize it at the time.) The waves were coming right on top of each other, but my water had not broken and I was started to feel lots of low pressure. Again, I was confused. With Canaan, there was a clear distinction between dilation contractions and pushing contractions. This time, I felt like I was feeling both at once. My sounds changed to signal it was time to push. Danielle suggested I brace myself on the step in the tub and I turned my back to Trevor. The next contraction was the most intense feeling I have ever felt. It started in my back, wrapped around and then intense pressure took over. I was not sure what to do and started to feel a little panicky. Kim prodded me to reach down and feel for a head or a bulging bag. I remember saying, “I don’t know, I don’t know!” Then I let out a loud, guttural moan that Trevor said made him scared for the first time, but within seconds, I felt a head and then an entire body slip out! I caught the baby myself! In one push!! I scooped the baby up and sat back, so elated and relieved!! That was it!? The baby is here!? That was amazing!! Trevor and I both cried and kept saying, “That was incredible!!” Then he moved the baby’s legs and said, “And you’re a girl!!” We got our sweet Maydin Lynn. It was one of those moments in life I would relive in slow motion, over and over, if I could. The time was 8:48, just over an hour after we arrived at the birth center.


I felt amazing after this birth. It was like a dream. And she was so tiny! Canaan weighed over 9lbs at birth, so I fully expected to have another one at least that size. I also expected to go past my due date, since Canaan was four days “late.” But according to my charts, my fundal height and my ultrasound, this little one was 3-6 days early. This baby even had vernix on her back, which I never thought I would see on my babies. Just goes to show every birth is different!


I stayed in the tub for several minutes, just admiring my girl. Canaan came in to meet his sister and I was so happy to see my babies together. Then Trevor took her downstairs to meet our parents while I delivered the placenta and our herbal bath was started. When she examined the placenta and water bag, Kim said there was only one small hole in the bag and that my water must have broken as I pushed the baby out. After that and a shower for me, Kim did Maydin’s exam and weighed her- a tiny little 7 lb 8 oz baby! I was shocked! We did not even bring a newborn sized outfit because Canaan never wore them and we just knew our big babies would need 0-3 month clothes from day one. We were home in our own bed before midnight. What an awesome day!

I actually had two small tears from this birth, but no stitches. My recovery has been incredible- very little soreness, almost no pain. MUCH different from Canaan’s birth- I was sore for weeks from my shoulders to my calves! I did better this time at resting and staying in bed for several days and I think that made a world of difference. Kim came to the house for our 2 day check up and I had no complaints. Maydin is a great nurser and seems mostly content (so far. ;)) I am soaking up every minute with her!

Big brother holding baby sis the day after her birth- his 3rd birthday!

Big brother holding baby sis the day after her birth- his 3rd birthday!

This birth story would be incomplete without thanking God for my supportive and confident husband, my encouraging, warm and wise midwife and my two sweet blessings who have changed my heart and my life in the best ways. The Lord has been mindful of me!


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